Whether it's your backyard bar or a hot spot on Friday night, AAVS helps with the design, build and control system for your facility.  AAVS can provide solutions for a corner bar to a large venue sports bar.  AAVS's knowledgeable staff selects the correct displays, control system or even adds to existing equipment.                                               

Bar Restaurant  - AAVS can provide your bar/restaurant with everything from distributed video and audio with single panel control system that is user friendly.
Whether you are a sports bar or restaurant, you want to give your customers everything they want when they are out on the town.  Soft music in the dining room, games on any screen in HD, as well as outdoor music for the people enjoying the patio.
Audio visual displays will help increase the amount of patrons that attend your establishment on any given day. The game is always on!

A sports bar wanted to control the video and audio throughout the entire restaurant and bar with one single point of control for the bartenders to control both cable/satellite TV. They wanted to have whole house audio with the ability to zone certain areas out for private parties.

Our Solution for the Sports Bar

  • 20, 42" HDTV Flat Panel Displays
  • Wall Mounted Touch Panel Control
  • 3 Zone Distributed Audio System
  • Juke Box Audio Distribution
  • Direct TV & Cable Distributed to Each Display
  • 4, 19" Flat Panel Displays located in Bathrooms



Our customer wanted to replace their old TVs with flat panel displays to give the bar a new look and feel.  They wanted to have the displays at an angle, which gave each side of the bar its own distinct feel.

Our Solution for the Bar Restaurant

  • 5, 42" HDTV Flat Panel Displays
  • Distributed Audio System
  • Direct TV & Cable Distributed to Each Display
  • 42" Flat Panel Display for Computer Presentation/Private Meeting



Our customer wanted a single point of control for all of their displays with the ability to switch between cable and satellite TV, juke box and control two separate audio zones.

Our Solution for the Bar Restaurant

  • 9, 42" HDTV Flat Panel Displays
  • 1 Wireless RF Remote Control
  • Direct TV & Cable Distributed to Each Display
  • Distributed Audio System for Bar and Dinning Room
  • Dinning Room Audio Distribution Control
  • Juke Box Audio Distribution







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