To provide customers with high quality audio-visual equipment, technical staff and support for all their Rental & Staging event needs, AAVS provides the highest level of customer service, customer support and most of all, customer satisfaction.


AAVS offers on-site technical support and rents a complete line of broadcast and industrial A/V products for professional presentations and speaker support.  From LCD/DLP projectors to sound systems, we offer the tools you need to communicate your message.


AAVS’s staging experts cover all the details…from advanced multimedia equipment to high-tech lighting systems that enhance your event and add extra drama and excitement. From basic stage lighting to complex theatrical lighting effects, we have the hardware and people resources to make your most creative visions a reality!

Lighting is often overlooked, but it’s a critical element in any presentation. It not only captures and focuses the attention of your audience, but it’s also vital if you are recording your event on film or video. Smart lighting effects can highlight presenters, entertain your audience or bathe your total environment in a special mood. No matter what you want to achieve, we have the tools and the knowledge to make it happen.

Our staging professionals are also experienced with effective lighting techniques for trade shows, as well as general venue lighting for displays and backdrops. Our intelligent lighting systems provide a flexible and economical option that offers custom-tailored solutions. Colors and patterns can change by the minute or by the hour…building excitement and interest throughout your event.


With AAVS's help and expertise, one of the leading digital imaging health companies was able to sell a large million dollar X-ray machine to a large hospital group in Australia. Here's how we did it.

AAVS set up a  two camera video conference for the Australia Hospital Group in Australia.  Our customer was able to show their product over video conferencing in the hospital without having to ship the equipment across the world, which was very costly.

AAVS's solution was to provide the video conferencing equipment, program speakers, wireless microphone and bridging service to allow the customer to see the machine and how it operates in real time, along with Q & A along the way.

By providing this solution, our customer was put on the preferred vendor list for Australia hospital groups and in turn, sold one of the hospitals that attended the live video demo this machine.


AAVS Offers

Offering the very latest in presentation technology, our specialists can work with you to develop a unique solution that’s precisely tailored to your plans and budget. You’ll have all the tools and advice you need to be successful.

If your requirements are less complex, or if you have the staff necessary to set-up and manage your special event without assistance, you may want to investigate the wide range of name-brand equipment rental options AAVS has available. From portable projection and audio systems to broadcast-quality equipment, we can assemble a custom hardware package that will help you meet all your objectives.


For more information on equipment availability and rental pricing, contact your AAVS representative and ask about our extensive range of hardware and accessories, including:

  • Audiovisual Projection Equipment

  • Video Playback & Recording Products

  • Data Display & Computer Interfaces

  • Production & Broadcast Hardware

  • Multimedia Presentation Tools

  • Cameras & Accessories

  • Videoconferencing

  • Lighting Systems

  • Audio Systems


Of course, great presentations start with the basics…and AAVS can provide a broad range of essential tools from speaker lecterns to flip charts, laser pointers, computer-integrated white-boards and more. Our skilled technicians will help you assess your project and ensure that all the pieces are in place for your special event.

When you take advantage of our Staging services, you can rest assured that total attention will be paid to every detail surrounding your event. Our professionals have years of experience in planning, configuring and managing all types of special events, presentations, trade shows and more. Put that experience to work for you…and put your mind at ease.

                                              TOTAL STAGING SOLUTIONS…FROM BEGINNING TO END








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