How often do you come across a home that knows which lights to turn on for you, what temperature to set and when to water your lawn?  How about what height to adjust the living room window treatments?  These things and many more can be accomplished based on an astronomical time clock that knows what time of day the sun rises and sets.


AAVS window treatments are simply another form of lighting control; it just happens to be natural light! Offering quality and protection, our selection includes: shades, blinds, drapes, skylights, roman shades and room dividers and integration with all other manufacturer’s window treatments. Here are some of the features:

• Touch of a button convenience from either a wall mounted keypad indoors or a wireless keypad from the jacuzzi, pool, or deck
• Operate smoothly and in perfect alignment
• Reduce glare and protect furnishings from U/V damage
• Easily installed in new or existing homes
• Custom manufactured infrared remotes
• Black out, privacy, and sheer shade options
• Customized printing, names, logos and web sites, etc.
• Choose from our fabric options for the treatments, or pick your own custom material from your favorite interior decorator or retail fabric stor.
• Shades adjust as lights dim or brighten to generate the light levels for any mood or activity
• Integrate window treatments with Home Theater remote controls
• Can be integrated into any existing home control system

Now you may ask; What is Automation?

It is a computerized system that allows you to control or operate your home theatre system or video/surveillance system, HVAC, lighting, motorized window treatments and whole house audio automatically.


Home Theatre

  • Single Room Applications
  • Profesional Dedicated Home Cinema


Lighting Control

  • Lighting for convenience
  • Lighting for your safety
  • Lighting control highlights
  • Mood Lighting


Whole House Audio

  • Audio System Highlights
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple Audio Sources to Different Locations


Video Surveillance

  • Surveillance System Highlights
  • Video Recording
  • Entry Door Video & Audio


Motorized Window Treatments

  • Motorized Window Treatments Highlights
  • Customized Opening & Closing


Climate Control

  • Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning (HVAC) Systems



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