Some Thought's from our customers!!

Our College at has worked with Advanced Audio Visual Solutions in the recent renovation of several computer classrooms in the ┬áLibrary and two Art Department classrooms in the Fine Arts building. During the entire renovation process, AAVS staff was very professional and efficient in responding to our various concerns and questions. At one point, AAVS staff suggested a modification to the design of the audio visual equipment in our instructor’s station which turned out to be an incredible enhancement to our system. As a result, we are contemplating using this setup in other classrooms on campus in the future.

Overall, AAVS has proven to be an exemplary technology vendor that we can confidently solicit for quality consultation and assistance with our audiovisual equipment and installation needs.


I bought the bar a few years ago and last year went under a large renovation project, at the time I did not use AAVS expertise and knowledge to design my system. After the system was all done I was having problems with the system. The issues that we were having was humbar on all the displays, audio would cut in and out or be non existant at times. The system was painful to use.

AAVS came in and corrected all the problems with the system!! No more image roll, audio is clear as day and the control system that they put in is so user friendly and simple. All of my bartenders, and employees no how to use the system which is a big plus. AAVS trained my staff on how to use the system!!


Thanks Guys!!!!


I was working on a project that was handed down from my CEO. We were converting some warehouse space to an executive board room and two training rooms. I decided to call all the AV dealers in the Rochester and schedule each one to come in and do a walk threw on the building. AAVS came in and listened, talked over the blue prints, and brought to life what we needed exactly.

AAVS is a great company to work with and we are glad to have had them install our systems.

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