Video-conferencing is a fast, easy and effective way to:                                                                                       

  • Reduce time and expenses

  • Provide flexibility and encourage collaboration

  • Receive and collaborate expert advice from remote sites

  • Stimulate intra-company communications

  • Speed up the decision-making process                                                                                             


Successful meetings no longer have to include extensive time, trouble, travel, and expense.·   


Use videoconferencing and/or teleconferencing for:

Education: Electronic field trips, link with other schools, distance learning

Corporate: Staff, project, marketing, board meetings, and employee training/orientation

Healthcare: Remote consultations or meetings, review x-rays, charts and other data

Government/Military: Commission, strategic planning, network meetings, command center communications

Manufacturing: Production meetings, product Q&A, process review and remote supplier meetings


Video & Audio Conferencing Systems

Video and Data Collaboration Display Recommendations

·    Multipoint and Bridging Options

·    Ergonomic and Environmental Aspects

·    Equipment Cabinetry

·    Lighting Recommendations

·    Audio and Microphone Recommendations

·    Control Systems and Flooring Systems

·    Life Cycle Costs


Our Customer wanted to be able to have a large scale presentation room along with Standard Definition Video Conferencing. They wanted to be able to control the room's lighting and audio visual with a 10" touch panel along with two fliptop push button controls at each end of the table. They also wanted a control system to control projection screen up/down, projector on/off and source switching. They then needed to be able to control the video conferencing and DVD/VCR, along with audio conferencing system.

AAVS Solutions for the Board Room

  • Da-Lite 100" Projection Screen
  • 42" HDTV Plasma Display
  • 3500 Lumen DLP Projector
  • Multiple Laptop Connectivity at Table
  • 10.4" Crestron Touch Panel
  • Crestron Control Processor
  • 100 Watt Audio Amplifier
  • Audio Vortex Conferencing System
  • 4 In Table Omni Direction Microphones
  • Sony Video Conferencing Unit
  • Sony Data Solutions Box
  • Sony Multipoint Software


Our customer wanted to have a large scale conference room that could hold up to 100 people with multiple configurations and have the capability for doctors, residents and patients to be able to see information presented on the screen. What they wanted to be able to do was display a dedicated computer image, along with two other laptop images to each display in the room. They also wanted to be able to do high definition video conferencing with two HD cameras, DVD/VCR presentation, audio conferencing with wireless microphones, satelitte TV and wireless rf touch panel control system.

AAVS Solutions for the Medical Conference Room

  • 106" Da-Lite Projection Screen
  • 58" HDTV Flat Panel Display
  • RF Touch Panel Remote Control
  • Wireless RF Omni Directional Microphones
  • Microphone System
  • System Switcher
  • Phone Hybrid
  • 8 Channel Audio Vortex Conferencing System
  • 300 Watt Audio Amplifier
  • 4 Pairs of In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Sony HD Video Conferencing Unit
  • Sony HD Multi-Point Software
  • Sony HD Data Sharing
  • 2 HD Camera
  • 3 VGA Connectivity Patch Points









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